(Is not a complete game!)
A farming simulator in game boy style. Was made for GBJAM8.


A - Left mouse button / Numpad 1

B - Right mouse button / Numpad 2

Select - Q / Numpad 4

Start - E / Numpad 5

Dpad (move) -  W,A,S,D / Arrow keys


We didn't have as much time  to work on the game like we planned, hence this not completed project. 😅

This is the first game I made in Godot so that is part of the reason I didn't get too much done. I worked on most of the gamedev except for music and shaders, that is made by Jãnis from RocknightStudios. 


Fermeris Windows 14 MB
Fermeris Mac 16 MB
Fermeris Linux 15 MB

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