Made this in 9h 5min total. (Game is broken)

About game:

Idea was to make asteroids inspired game with some twists. 

Movement: W,A,S,D

Shoot: Space


Tried adding sfx at like the 10 last minute that made it crash so that's why I went over a few minutes (and didn't even get sfx to play). 

I had so unbelievable amount of problems. I thought it would be a good idea to work in Typescript + Babylon js since I have done that a lot lately. But I probably spent like 7.5h fixing errors and bugs. So next time I'll use Unity unless I make my own game engine for typescript.


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I also made an asteroids inspired game. I really feel for you on the 7.5 hours of bug fixing. Good job grinding through it though. Even if you didn't get something working in the end I bet you learned some stuff. 

Thnx! I guess I learned I should stick with complete game engines for short jams, or something like that! :3